Adding Voice Interactive Functionality to Your Website

We’ve built the best voice interactive experience on the web. This has been used primarily for improving virtual and augmented reality experiences. However, many people have asked us, ‘Can we add this voice interaction to our website?’.

People may visit your website and struggle to find the information and support they need. It’s difficult to predict every question a person might ask and it’s difficult to know where to place that information on your website so people can easily find it.

If it’s a restaurant or local business, the best case scenario is that they call the business, although this takes up employee time that could be focused elsewhere. Most often though, the potential customer simply moves on and looks somewhere else.

If it’s an online business or startup, it’s even more likely that they will simply move on and look somewhere else.

There are companies like Intercom that make it easier to add more personalized support to websites. However, Intercom doesn’t provide voice interactive capabilities and the speed and ease that those capabilities provide. Also, for those who are more familiar with what we’re doing in virtual and augmented reality, these same experiences will be transferrable to these other mediums. This will help future-proof your company as VR and AR become more ubiquitous.

Just like Amazon’s Alexa makes it easy to play music or ask for the news, it should be just as quick and easy for website visitors to get the information and support they need.


A small button is fixed to the lower right corner of your website. The color of the icon will be customizable and there will be a fallback to text based interactions as needed. Here is an example:

When people tap on the button, they can interact with a virtual assistant and ask for whatever they need. If the assistant can’t answer the question, we’ll direct them to ways to contact you, either via live chat with an employee/agent or other means. Over time, you’ll gain insight into what your customers want to know and the assistant will get smarter and better at assisting your customers.

If you’re interested in adding this to your website, you can submit a request for a free website evaluation here.

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